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Greetings Shane, a few comments :

We ought to introduce early, perhaps the Abstract, the notion that we are defining three "features" that are related, events, handlers and script.
I have changed the abstract.

2.3.Host Language Processor Conformance
[ ]

===== make:

Host Language Processor vs. User Agent
We have historically called this user agent conformance, but since XML Events 2 is a generic XML Events mechanism, we really need to specify conformance for all classes of processors.

===== an editor note for now.
Actually I removed it.  This is a good change - we don't need a note about it.
Why is the following interesting, necessary or relevant?

        Note that observer = "<element-id>" and event = "<event-type>" are similar to the begin = "<element-id>.<event-type>" attribute in SMIL EventTiming [SMIL20].
Historical.  I have removed it.

we have lots of examples ( 3.1.1 ), why include a partial example here? If we do want to, then lets make it more "complete", i.e. not jusr "where 'para1' is some ancestor of the following node"
Turned into a more complete example


this is confusing, both DOM2 and DOM 3 only define 3 phases: capture, target, bubble. What does phase=default mean and how would it be expressed in terms of DOM3 (and for that matter DOM2)?

We then go on to define the ' default behavior is phase="default" ', which I interpret as meaning if you omit the attribute it is the equivalent of having specified phase="default".

This may be the same as XML Events (1) but that isn't clear either.

comment is also relevant to Handler feature : addEventListener, removeEventListener
You provided new text for this separately, which has now been integrated.  Thanks!

4.The XML Handlers Module

I suspect that host language may wish to allow @if and @while on custom actions in the host language.
So are you suggesting we add those attributes to the events attribute collection?

Regardless, I have integrated the other changes and put up a new draft at

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