Network Opacity Re: Breaches of Privacy are what will drive change

Le 9 juil. 2009 à 03:25, Christine Perey a écrit :
> Perhaps the Privacy Task Force can catalog a few of these examples  
> to enrich their user stories with real life testimonials.

Which is not totally related to social networks but *network* itself.

1. Global:        every bit of information is available almost  
anywhere on earth.
2. Instantaneous: every bit of information is available in real time.
3. Replicated:    every bit of information is replicated identically.
4. Permanent:     every bit of information is kept for a long time.

In our human physical relationship, we are
	1. exchanging in a physical limited space,
	2. learning about our friends and acquaintances *later*,
	3. telling stories with modified narratives,
	4. forgetting what happened in the past.

There is a thicker *opacity* in the physical world.

Some real examples (that I could explain further):
	* Host club in Osaka Documentary
	* Dog Poo Girl in Korea
	* Tatoos Gang guys on TV news report with blurred face but visible  
	* A few people fired from their companies because they were  
expressing their frustration on blogs

(Note: I didn't talk about privacy ;)

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada

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