D-US-002- Quote Request

05 11 2003

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1.1.1 D- US-002 - Quote Request Primary description Requirements Variation on the use case Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3



1.1.1 D- US-002 - Quote Request Variation on the use case Variation 1

In this variation of the Quote Request use case a new manufacturer wishes to participate in the overall supply chain. They manufacture a component in a new way that makes them very competitive with their rivals and the suppliers certainly wish them to participate.

In order for them to participate they look for tools that can be used in conjunction with the existing CDL descriptions that the suppliers use in order to generate the web services required. In this case they use eclipse as their IDE with a WS-BPEL plug-in and the new W3C CDL plug-in from Acme Software Tools. The tool imports the CDL description and generates the necessary abstract WS-BPEL and the skeleton for the Web Service, which is in Java. This enables the new manufacturer to build the necessary web services to participate in the supply chain at a much lower entry cost that would have been possible otherwise.

Having created the necessary Web Services CDL IDE plug-in used the CDL description to generate test messages which are then played into the newly created Web Services. This further cuts the cost of this work and ensures that the Web Services conform to the contractual definition laid down by the CDL description that is in use by the existing suppliers.

Requirements for variation 1

  1. A CDL description needs to participate in the generation of a CPL (which maybe WS-BPEL, Java, C# or some other executable language).

  2. A CDL description needs to be able to participate in the generation of test messages.