Agenda W3C WS Choreography WG con 3 June 2003, 1pm PDT.

1.            Role Call
2.            Confirm scribe
The following is a list of recent scribes (in order):  Len Greski,Mayilraj Krishnan ,Francis MacCabe, Mike Champion, Abbie Barbir, David Burdett, John Dart, Carol MacDonald, Yaron Goland, Daniel Austin, Jim Hendler,  Peter Furniss, Ed Peters, Greg Ritzinger, Leonard Gresk
3.            Approve minute
         20th May minutes:


4.            Action Item Review




ACTION:                    Daniel to post logistics information .



ACTION:                    Jon Dart. Summarize use cases from privacy discussions




ACTION:                    Carol to look into WSCI summary



ACTION:                    SRT to capture reqs from minutes



ACTION:                    All: alternate formal models other than the pi-calculus

                          Agenda item for nextF2F – proposal from FM



ACTION:        Yves to setup reading list page. SRT will work with Yves.                    


ACTION:         DA  will do the wordsmith, summarize and put together revised mission statement. Once again it is not final.



ACTION: SRT to extract summaries of harvested specs (wsci, bpel)


ACTION:  Co-chairs to harvest agenda items for F2F


5.            WS-BPEL update
Informal feedback from the BPEL F2F last week.
6.            Revised Mission Statement



7.            Decision Points and partial execution (from email discussion)      
8.            AOB.