In working on using EPRs, we have run into several cases where EPRs would be much more efficient if we could put multiple addresses int one EPR (meaning that the recipient can use any of the Addresses).   

The only way to currently do this is to send multiple EPRs with everthing other than the address duplicated across the EPRs which is not very efficient, nor does it clearly have the same semantics unless the client does a complete EPR comparison to determine that the remaining data is the same.

The need for multiple addresses is driven by our need to support clients communicating on unstable networks, with geographically dispersed clusters, etc.   One of our applications in particular is configured to initiate the connection on each of the addresses and when one answers, shut down the others.

To be clear, I am asking that the working group consider allowing the Address element in the EPR to be a multi-occurance element (maxOccurs="unbounded").