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I am now back in Korea. I am 8 hours ahead of UK, so 5 pm doesn't work that well. Depending on the participants a telco at Korea morning time works well with USA. In this case I am flexible in the morning hours (8 am ~ 10 am KST) for Monday to Thursday.

Unfortunately, I have an important company event that overlaps with the F2F meeting in Bejing so I cannot attend in person there but I can help you in advance with setting up a demonstration that uses IoTivity.

I will also join the regular telco today.

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Sender : Dave Raggett<dsr@w3.org>

Date : May 10, 2016 23:42 (GMT+09:00)

Title : Arranging a follow on call between W3C and OCF?


Following our recent call (see summary at [1]), I had an action to arrange a follow on call that will focus on a technical discussion for integrating iotivity as part of the W3C Web of Things face to face in Beijing on July 11-14.

The Beijing meeting starts with two days for presentations and the plugfest, followed by two days for the Interest Group face to face itself. This presents an opportunity for a talk that introduces OCF, iotivity and how it could exploit the Web of Things for interoperability with other platforms.

When would be a good time for the next call next week?  Last time we picked Friday at 5pm UK time, but please offer other ideas, and if necessary I will set up a poll to select the least inconvenient time slot.

[1] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wot-ig/2016May/0009.html

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   Dave Raggett <dsr@w3.org>