Perhaps another logo is not the best thing as we try to unite contributors around our Logo. Perhaps like this? It's a draft done in two minutes. 


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[Awesome, I found this stuck in my outbox yesterday and resent it. And it has been stuck again for a day. Truly amazing technology!! ;)= So... *drumroll* ...presenting: a five days old reply!]

Can you do something like this Sébastien? A "Web Platform DocSprint" logo would be an awesome first step.

Communication for Berlin is planned to be live in the week before christmas so this would be a bit time critical [even more now due to my outbox fun, gnarf] if we want to have it for this event. I'd also need to hand over artwork for anything we want to have produced well before xmas...

Thanks [and sorry again for the delayed response],

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+1 It would be great to have some Doc Sprint-related art work that we can use in announcements. 
In addition, some more artwork for people to put on their web pages would be helpful in raising general awareness. 
Something like the "Better JS Docs" campaign from Mozilla.

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Hey Jay*,

Resending this E-Mail from today 8:15 PST - it did not go over the list
for some reason:


(Sorry for the silence, have been flooded with other stuff for some time.)

Our very first european DocSprint takes shape, I will hopefully be able to
communicate a confirmed date and location before the DocSprint next week
in Mountain View, which I will attend (even if only for the PM). Right now
it *looks* like February 8 + 9, 2013.

I hope Chris Mills can make that date as the "content facilitator" (I am
the "logistics organizer" that day)? I've also invited a number of people
including Hans-Christian Reinl and Christian Heilmann, so we're definetely
not having a lacking of Chris'es at that gig. ;oD=

Sébastien, you're in as well, right?

I'd love to.

We plan to do two days for the sole purpose to have a party inbetween, and
will put a strong focus on inviting community leaders to inspire them to
replicate the event in their local communities (we might even have limited
lodging). Of course the local standards focused groups are part of the
gang to invite their communities as well.

We still need:

- Swag
Sorry, I don't think have this kind of thing ;) 

- DocSprint specific artwork (if existant?) to print stuff
If it's not existing, I can help with this if I have some content and some things to do. 



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