16.12.2014, 05:02, "Peter Kasting" <pkasting@google.com>:
On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Christian Heutger <christian@heutger.net> wrote:
> So, assuming we have HTTP vs HTTPS-EV/HTTPS-DV, how best should UAs communicate to the user the lack of security guarantees from HTTP.
I would recommend here as mentioned:
No padlock, red bar or red strike, … => no encryption [and no validation], e.g. similar to SHA1 deprecation in worst situation
Only vs. HTTPS: Padlock => everything fine and not red, „normal“ address bar behavior
With EV differentiation: Padlock, yellow bar, yellow signal, … => only encryption, e.g. similar to current mixed content, …
EV: Validation information, Padlock green bar, no extras, … => similar to current EV
Red-Yellow-Green is recognized all other the world, all traffic signals are like this, explanation on what signal means what can be added to the dialog on click. (Red) strike, (yellow) signal, (green) additional validation information follow also the idea to have people without been able to differentiate colors to understand what happens here.
Please don't try to debate actual presentation ideas on this list.  How UAs present various states is something the individual UA's design teams have much more context and experience doing, so debating that sort of thing here just takes everyone's time to no benefit, and is likely to rapidly become a bikeshed in any case.
As the very first message in the thread states, the precise UX changes here are up to the UA vendors.  What's more useful is to debate the concept of displaying non-secure origins as non-secure, and how to transition to that state over time.
Certainly doing UI before understanding what we want to convey is backwards. On the other hand, it is not true that we should not discuss UI on (at least some of these) lists. Users benefit not only from good UI, but also from consistent UI - even when it's not that clever, recognising things from everywhere else can help them (or hurt them, if someone does something different that confuses them).
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