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15.12.2014, 11:57, "Christian Heutger" <christian@heutger.net>:
However, this „change“ could come with marking HTTP as Non-Secure, but just stating HTTPS as secure is the completely wrong sign and will result in more confusion and loosing any trust in any kind of browser padlocks than before.
The message someone wrote about "I understand I am using insecure mixed content, please don't make me look worse than someone who doesn't understand that" strikes a chord - I think there is value in supporting the use case.
Just a proposal:
Mark HTTP as Non-Secure (similar to self-signed) e.g. with a red padlock or sth. similar.
Mark HTTPS as Secure (and only secure in favor of encrypted) e.g. with a yellow padlock or sth. similar
Mark HTTPS with Extended Validation (encrypted and validated) as it is with a green padlock or sth. similar
Just a "nit pick" - please don't EVER rely only on colour distinction to communicate anything important. There are a lot of colour-blind people, and on top there are various people who rely on high-contrast modes and the like which effectively strip the colour out.
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