David Singer wrote:
> I think I am on record as preferring a standing page of open public reviews (I don’t mind an email as well).

Art Barstow wrote:
> I think the push vs. pull debate here is indeed a personal "preference".
> Like Wayne, I prefer a push solution although I'm not opposed to the
> standing page, in fact that would indeed be a "nice to have".
> (My gut feel is the notification list would be relatively trivial for the team to implement but I haven't checked.)

> So far it appears to be 2:1 in favor of pull so ATM your preference is noted as an enhancement in
> <https://www.w3.org/wiki/DocumentReview#Enhancement_Requests>.
> Of course, feedback from others is welcome as are direct updates to the wiki.

I initially asked for a ML to which I could subscribe (push).

But, David identified that a page (poll) would be nice, and I agree.

He also identified that a Calendar would be helpful, I'd like to +1 that too. I subscribe to a number of iCal items, and would smile if I could subscribe to a publication schedule calendar.

I'm not actually sure which I'd use most of the time, it'd be nice to have all three, and then I could report in a year which I used :).