As discussed on our last call, we wanted to make updates to the Compliance draft before publishing an October Working Draft, as part of a regular schedule of publishing Working Drafts on a bi-monthly basis. On the call, Matthias asked for a quick review of these changes over the weekend as, per the proposed schedule, the next Working Draft snapshot would be published on Tuesday, October 1st. In prepping that document for publication, I would provide a largely similar "Status of This Document" section that emphasizes the lack of consensus and the process of resolving issues and the list of change proposals; as a reminder, the last Working Draft is here:

The diff quoted at bottom shows all the changes made, but to facilitate review, I've summarized the list of changes below and I've attached a diff showing the changes in HTML, in case you don't like reading markup.

I mentioned on our last call that I have been keeping a list of editorial suggestions that have been provided. I'm managing that list on the wiki here:

And I've struck through the ones that I believe have been completed (most of the list, but not all, as some I couldn't easily figure out or thought would be substantive and controversial). If there are editorial suggestions you made that apparently aren't on that list, I may have missed them, I apologize, and I appreciate your bringing them to our attention.


Summary of changes:

* adds graduated response non-normative section per group decision [we may see change proposals to remove this]

* removed instances of "pass to" and "transmit to" when used in this sense, only use the defined term "share"

* in User Agent Compliance requirement for having a set of options for the user, indicated that this is a general preference (for a user-granted exception, the browser won't separately offer dnt 1 and dnt unset)

* regarding data/information/records being collected or used, made the document consistent in using "data" (Retains "information" in phrases like "information security".) We use "data" for both plural and singular.

* replaced instances of "operator of a website" with the defined term "party".
** [still open: handling "web sites" in the UA Compliance section]

* separated legal compliance into its own section (applies to all parties)

* changed "this standard" to "this recommendation"
** [still have one instance of "this and other standards", which I'm inclined to leave as is]