W3C has a new licensing policy [1] that allows requests to re-license specs that have had work on them in a W3C WG and then were abandoned, unfinished.  For a spec to move from a WG to a Community Group, for instance, it has to be able to be licensed under the Community Group CLA which allows modification by anyone.  Without using this new policy, the abandoned specs are published under a license that do not allow modification, so would not allow publishing in a CG under the CLA.

I am requesting that for any SyApps specs
that have already reached FPWD that the WG decides to abandon (drop, not move to another WG), that the WG conduct a CfC about whether to ask the Director to relicense the abandoned spec in its final WG Note in a way that allows a CG or other external org to pick up and continue work on the spec (the Director picks the license, not the WG requesting it - the WG just decides if it wants the Director to consider relicensing - and the AC has to agree).

So, asking  for a CfC to ask for relicensing to accompany any CfC for abandoning a TR if there aren't plans to move it to another WG.  If the spec was not moving to another WG, that would apply to:
Contacts, Messaging, Telephony, App URI, Task Scheduler, TCP UDP Sockets

Relicensing Unfinished W3C Specifications
[1] https://www.w3.org/2014/12/relicense