Also, if you're looking for other editorial corrections that are technically normative changes, I think the formatting correction in the ERRATA for the "units" property is a good example.

On May 12, 2023 23:42, Evan Prodromou <> wrote:
I can tell you.

We were looking at a problem with the 'altitude' property. It is used over a domain of 'Place', and other properties like 'latitude' and 'longitude' have a domain of 'Place'.

However, the AS2 vocabulary doc has the domain as 'Object'.

The plan was to add an erratum specifying that its correct domain is 'Place'. This would have been a valid and accurate erratum; it really is an editorial error in the text of the document.

Bob pointed out that this could make some existing AS2 documents inconsistent with the specification, although the Domain isn't enforced in the JSON-LD context.

We had a hard time coming up with another type of object in the vocabulary that could have an altitude that wasn't a place.

In the interest of caution, though, the erratum was changed to note that 'altitude' should be listed as a property of 'Object', and also warned publishers to use caution when applying it to object types other than 'Place', since all the examples and text apply it to 'Place'.

This is slightly less clear than just correcting the erroneous Domain, but a very small bit safer.

I hope that helps!


On May 12, 2023 23:08, Melvin Carvalho <> wrote:

st 10. 5. 2023 v 22:46 odesílatel Bob Wyman <> napsal:
Melvin wrote:
It is concerning that a normative change was inadvertently made.
No normative change was made. One might have been made, but it was not. There is no cause for concern.

Thank you, Bob. Your attention to detail really bolsters my confidence. Could you possibly elaborate on the expected normative change? I ask because there may be another such change that might have been overlooked, and I'd like to verify

bob wyman

On Wed, May 10, 2023 at 3:37 PM Melvin Carvalho <> wrote:

st 10. 5. 2023 v 19:54 odesílatel Evan Prodromou <> napsal:
We had a good session today! Two issues required additional work, which I self-assigned:

Thanks Evan

In our previous discussion, did we reach a consensus that the links from the [closed] issues should include the version of the wiki entry?

Thanks to everyone who came to help out. A special thanks to Bob Wyman for catching an ERRATA change that would have been normative.

Thank you, Bob, for pointing that out. It is concerning that a normative change was inadvertently made.


On May 10, 2023, at 9:10 AM, Evan Prodromou <> wrote:

Hi, all. Just a reminder that I’m doing issue triage on the AS2 GitHub issue repository today from 11:30AM EDT to 12:30PM EDT.

I’ll be live-streaming on Jitsi here:

All SWICG members welcome!