Jim Hendler wrote:
>  -- if you want to claim my own articles against may, I'd hope you will read them first.

This is best taken off line.  I have sent you a private comment.

However, I have to say publicly that I had read, and reread, the article before commenting.
If I misinterpreted it, then it is an honest and informed misinterpretation.

If others wish to judge for themselves, the article is available at

I also accept entirely Jim's point that we all publish papers that are outside the SWBP remit.  Some will contain material of relevance to the SWBP, others not.

I suggest for purposes of the SWBP and its remit, we leave this matter to rest there.



Jim Hendler wrote:

  5)    Jim's comment that he can't see what one would use OWL for outside the SW context is a bit hard to reconcile with an article of which he is co-author and which he cites as a major demonstration of OWL -   in the very first SW Journal - on the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus/Ontology.  If you look at the NCI's CaCore web site [1], it would be difficult to argue that their prime goal was the Semantic Web - nor does the article concern primarily Semantic Web issues.  As far as I can see from the outside, NCI  have published in OWL because it is a standard with tools to make their ontology widely available.  Their internal work is in a different formalism (Apelon's) and has nothing to do in that form with the Semantic Web. Many others will probably do likewise. Alan  this is silly - that  article is not at all about the Ontology per se, it is completely about how the ontology was ported to OWL so that it could be used on the semantic web -- the article is 100% about the semantic web issue.  There's a long article being prepared for a bioinformatics journal about the ontology itself, and I would not claim that that article is relevant to this WG since it is about the ontology, but not about the ontology in the SW context. I'd like to make a request to you folks -- if you want to claim my own articles against may, I'd hope you will read them first.     Further, almost be definition, the fact these are appearing in journals makes then much more likely to be "research" and thus out of scope I freely admit that many of my own papers and those by my students[1] are either not related to the goals of this WG or are research articles that are out of scope.   Some of my other articles (for example, the one entitled "The Semantic Web" [2]) are within the scope of this group, and I am happy to see them cited if appropriate :->  -Jim H  [1] http://www.mindswap.org/papers[2] http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=00048144-10D2-1C70-84A9809EC588EF21 
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