SML call 11/19

19 Nov 2007

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Kirk, Valentina, Jordan, Kirk, MSM, johnarwe, Marv, pratul, Kumar
Sandy, Ginny


<scribe> scribe: Valentina

meeting minutes for 11/15


resolution: minutes approved

pratul: minutes not ready for Nov 12


pratul: comments based on Valentina investigation is to remove this section
... do we have agreement ?

Resolution: will be marked as editorial, take out this section from the spec

item 5 in the agenda

5. Review and attempt to reach consensus on the following bugs using Sandy’s inter-document reference proposal


pratul: before we go forward, are there any comments with Sandy's proposal ?
... no comments, so assume there are no issues with the proposal

pratul first bug on the list covered by the proposal is 4777


Kumar: makes sense based on the proposal

pratul: other comments for this bug ?

Resolution: mark this bug editorial and fix as per Sandy's proposal

next bug covered by Sandy's proposal is 5120


pratul: seems to be similar with 4777

Kumar: this is more about specific text in the spec, the other was about the principle

Resolution: mark this editorial, fix per Sandy's proposal

next bug covered by Sandy's proposal is 5171


<MSM> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=5181

Resolution: close 5171 as a dup 5181

next bug covered by Sandy's proposal is 5201


Kumar: based on Sandy's proposal, I agree how this is addressed

Resolution: mark this editorial, fix as per Sandy's proposal


Kumar: will follow up with Valentina on this
... proposes looking into 4746

Topic: http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=4746

Kumar: reviews the proposal presented in defect, under comment #3

<scribe> chair: Pratul

MSM: groups who define signature do not expecte the document is not expected the document to be invariant with respect to the canonicalization

s/ groups who define signature do not expecte the document is not expected the document to be invariant with respect to the canonicalization .

MSM: The group defining the signature do not expect the document o be invariant with respect to the canonicalization

Pratul: proposes to remove this text

Resolution: mark this editorial, remove this text from the spec

Kumar: proposes to discuss 4992


Kumar: Sandy's proposal makes sense to him, as commented in defect, under comment #9
... Sandy's proposal is under comment #5
... there are three classes to consider when looking at object identity

Pratul: so the proposal is to define the objects as identical if they are identified by the same URI

Kumar: if the URI is not identical , it is implementation dependent if they are treated as equal or not

Resolution: mark as editorial, fix as per comment #5

Pratul: please take a look at the needsReview bugs

Kumar: bug 5272


Kumar: agree that we should clarify that only one document can be created under a data element

Pratul: propose to mark editorial

Resolution: mark editorial, a data element can have at most one document

Kumar: proposes to mark bug 4776 after LC

Pratul: this was discussed in the f2f
... there is divergence in opinion on how this bug should be fixed; probably saying nothing about it should work better
... which is mark the bug as won't fix

Resolution: mark 4776 as won't fix

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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