Service Modeling Language Working Group Teleconference

9 Aug 2007

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Kirk, Jim, Sandy, Plh, Ginny, Jordan, Valentina, Marv, Pratul, Kumar
John, MSM, Zulah, Paul




<trackbot-ng> Date: 09 August 2007

<plh> scribeNick: Marv

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Minutes accepted.

<plh> Previous minutes: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sml/2007Aug/att-0029/sml-wg-minutes-2007-08-02.html

Review of action items

<MSM> /me regrets

AI 93 closed

AI 106 Marv will send note to public list

Triage of the bugs

Bug 4656 Defer to 2nd Draft?

Kirk: What are issues?

Pratul: Challenging to insure the every time the model is updated, it is intact.

Valentina: Issue is not limited to RDBMS
... Revalidation is always a problem.

Kumar: Scaling issue.

Pratul: When should we respond?

General agreement: Last Call

Bug 4567

Kumar: When evaluating constraints, find targ set, the evaluate, if self references, work can become exponentially high

Pratul: May be ok because there are no real scenarios.

Kumar: If we leave out now, easy to fix later. Put in now, hard to fix later.

Sandy: Do we need schema group views?

Pratul: good to get their feedback.

Genera l agreement: 2nd draft

Bug 4658

Pratul: suggest 2nd draft

General agreement: 2nd Draft

Bug: 4665

Pratul: 2d draft

General agreement: 2d draft

Bug 4686

Pratul: Duplicate?

Ginny: 4652 is similar

Pratul: 4686 is dup of 4652

Bug 4673

Discussion from Sandy and Kumar. Issue present, needs resolution.

General agreement: 2d Draft

Bug 4676

Discussion from Ginny, Pratul -- unclear what bug is

General agreement: 2d draft

bug 4679

General agreement: 2d draft

Bug 4682

Kumar proposes a change that would eliminate this issue automatically.

Related to another issue.

General Agreement: 2d Draft

Bug 4683

General agreement: 2d Draft

Bug 4684

General agreement: 2d Draft

Bug 4686

General agreement: 2d Draft

Valentina: F2F notice on Group/SML page


Phillipe and Marv:No problem in Java. Does not explicitly in support IRI, but conversion and comparison consonant with rfc

Kumar: The issue is whether we are requiring IRI support or permitting IRI support.

<scribe> ACTION: item to kumar to clarify C# support of IRI [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/08/09-sml-minutes.html#action01]

<Sandy> For the record. In schema 1.1: "[Definition:] anyURI represents an Internationalized Resource Identifier Reference (IRI)".

<plh> "http://&#x7D0D;&#x8C46;.example.org/%E2%80%AE"

<plh> "http://xn--99zt52a.example.org/%e2%80%ae"

Extensive discussion of meaning of IRI v URI implementation and requirements

Philipe:Since IRI RFC minimal requirements are met by the URI, propose required IRI support in SML and SML-IF

Kumar:Propose optional IRI support in SML and SML-IF

Ginny: Discussion important for SML-IF but may not be necessary for SML

Will continue discussion in another meeting after Kumar returns with clarification of C# implementation

Return to bugs

Bug 4687

Dup 4562

2d Draft

Bug 4688

General Agreement: 2d draft

Bug 4693

General Agreement: 2d draft

Bug 4739

General Agreement: 2d draft

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: item to kumar to clarify C# support of IRI [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/08/09-sml-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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