Service Modeling Language Working Group Teleconference

26 July 2007

Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sml/2007Jul/0090.html

See also: IRC log



Brian You, James Lynn, Jordan Boucher, Kirk Wilson, Kumar Pandit, Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Marvin Waschke, Paul Lipton, Pratul Dublish, Sandy Gao, Zulah Eckert.



            John Arwe, Heather Kreger, Philippe Le Hégaret, Valentina Popescu, Virginia Smith, Bassam Tabbara, Vijay Tewari.



Pratul Dublish



Kumar Pandit




1. Roll call

Refer to the ‘Attendees’ section earlier.

2. Selection of scribe

Marv to be the scribe for the next meeting.

3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

pratul: do you have any questions on the last meeting?
... since no questions from anyone, we should approve minutes from the last meeting.

The minutes are approved.



4. Reminder to register for upcoming face to face meetings

pratul: please register for f2f meeting.

5. post-october f2f dates / location proposed last week.

pratul: What is PCATS?

msm: describes PCATS and its advantages

… PCATS meeting page: http://cms.pcats.org/node/633

Zulah: do they have telephone access in PCATS conf rooms?

msm: they probably do but we need to make sure that it does not involve exorbitant hotel dial-out charges.

pratul: michael can you find out from PCATS if they have these facilities (phone, broadbad, access, etc.)

apart from the queries about phone/broadbad, does anyone have objections to location (Orlando) or dates?

Kumar: no

pratul: explains PCATS discussion to Marv

Marv: ok with me

pratul: I think we have a decision to hold Jan meeting with PCATS. This is subject to the questions about phone/internet/conf room raised earlier. If they do not have facilities, we may have to revisit the decision.

f2f meeting in CA

pratul: anyone have problems with the dates?
... no objections heard.
... some other WG (xsl/xquery) are also meeting during this time.
... We agree to meet in CA (oracle campus) for the march 08 meeting.

Paul: Regarding Agenda Item 5: I personally have a strong preference for SML to meet the later half of the week. Thanks.

... I am referring to the meeting in Orlando (week of January 21st)


6. bug/AI process

marv: explains the AI/bug process proposal (details in agenda email).

kirk: some issues come up during the meeting discussions. how will they be handled?

marv: if we do not know immediately if the issues is an editorial item, it would go to AI

pratul: any concerns? suggestions?

kirk: if there is a big discussion there are many people involved. however, an AI is assigned to a single person.

Marv’s proposal is approved.

7. How to recognize bug states?

pratul: We are not going to discuss this much. if you have proposals, please send them by email.

8. Overdue AIs

pratul: 1 AI for plh. is he in?

MSM:: he is ill

Marv: I sent email about this. IRI is supported in Java. We can close this AI.

pratul: Bassam?

Kumar: not present. He sent me email about his AIs. I will go through the email and act appropriately.

MSM and Marv agreed to resolve their AIs before the next meeting

9. Triage new bugs

pratul: 4876 ok for FPWD?

kumar: yes. it is a simple change.
... re 4877, unless the text is to be inserted verbatim it would be better to postpone it post FPWD.

pratul: some parts of the abstract need to be changed.

Kirk: the word profile appears a number of times and it will need bigger change to fix it.

pratul: can we just change version to 1.1 ?
... for now, we can use the suggested abstract as-is and then change the spec and the abstract later.

kirk: the current editorial version omits the word IT.

pratul: from the proposed abstract, remove the word IT. other part remains intact.
... agreement for the above.

Sandy: +1 to P1 for 4884                                      

pratul: propose milestone for 4884 to be second draft
... marv to be scribe for the next meeting.

Summary of Action Items



[End of minutes]


Updated Scribe list for next meeting

Last Scribe Date  Member Name               Regrets pending

2007-06-11        Waschke, Marvin

2007-mm-dd        Boucher, Jordan

2007-06-13        Smith, Virginia           7/26

2007-06-13        Eckert, Zulah

2007-06-13        Lynn, James

2007-06-21        Gao, Sandy

2007-06-28        Valentina Popescu         all of July

2007-07-05        Brian You

2007-07-12        Wilson, Kirk              8/2

200y-mm-dd        Milenkovic, Milan

200y-mm-dd        Vijay Tewari              through 8/20/2007

2007-07-19        Lipton, Paul

2007-07-26        Pandit, Kumar

Exempt            Arwe, John                7/24-8/15

Exempt            Dublish, Pratul           through 7/25/2007

Exempt            MSM

Exempt            PH

Exempt            Tabbara, Bassam           on sabbatical till October 2007