RIF telecon 13 November 2007

13 Nov 2007


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Paul Vincent
Michael Kifer
Igor Mozetic
Stella Mitchell
Leora Morgenstern
Gary Hallmark
Hassan Ait-Kaci
Dave Reynolds
Paula Lavinia Patranjan
Sandro Hawke
Doug Lenat
Jos De Bruijn
Allen Ginsberg
Christian de Sainte Marie
Barry Bishop




<csma> Meeting RIF telecon 13 November 2007

<csma> Scribe: Barry Bishop

<csma> Scribenick: barry_b

Main reason for meeting is to debrief F2F

And discuss items on critical path

Minutes of 30.10.07 telecon accepted.

<PaulVincent> No liaison news

<csma> RESOLVED: accept minutes of October 30 telecon

<csma> action 371 done

F2F - extensibility issues discussed. Reasonably successful. Enough to progress BLD.

Will have a way to avoid invisible extensions.

Will have a BLD without equality.

Discussed whether al extensions must extend BLD or BRD

<MichaelKifer> we did NOT make a decision to exclude equality

Fallback mechanism - trim part of tree that is not understood?

<IgorMozetic> As far as I remember, we decided that CORE (not BLD) will be without equality

Received public review of BLD - actions assigned.

<MichaelKifer> yes, only the core (whatever it will be). BLD is anyway quite large and many systems won't implement it in full.

Introduced PRD in one session.

PRD will be discussed in future telecon - concensus was that PRD should include as much of BLD as possible.

Condition language between PRD and BLD should as far as possible be described in the terms.

Re. partial semantics - conflict resolution - pick up rule in agenda that will actually be fired. Should have simple default strategy.

<csma> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/Conflict_Resolution_Strategies

Will do survey of resolution strategy in commercial systems.

Session on test cases - decided people should start submitting test cases.

<StellaMitichell> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/Arch/Test_Cases

<StellaMitichell> I added to the end of that existing page

Compliance defnition discussed. Yes/No or levels. Clear that simplest approach supported, i.e. yes/no.

Discussed which documents need to be published, UCR, CORE, BLD, PRD, framework/architectute, extensibility

Also discussed - WG extension for 6 months requested.

If we can't agree BLD in 6 months then WG has problems

Should prioritise open issues - which ones are on critical path.

Also next working draft of BLD - issues regarding lists, meta data, etc must be resolved.

Michael should be able to propose a draft by mid-december.

[[A few minutes of telephone connection problems]]

Implementation break-out notes on minutes

No further comments on F2F

<csma> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/F2F9

Need 2 more F2F meetings, F2F9 in february, with 3 proposals for hosting.

<IgorMozetic> Feb 18-22 is not possible for F2F9 at Bled

<IgorMozetic> all other options are open

3 proposals are: DERI galway, Joseph Stefan Institut (18.02 - 22.02 not possible), ...

<PaulVincent> When is F2F10?

scribe: 18.02 or 19.02 possible in France.

<sandro> probably May, Paul..... but no decision

Neeed to poll early for dates for F2F9

<PaulVincent> F2F10: April 14-18 might be OK for TIBCO/me to host... London Maidenhead in UK

Date for F2F10. May too late? April might be better for technical decisions to be made before publication decisions.

No more on F2F

Actions for BLD reviewed.

<csma> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/track/issues/open

<PaulaP> yes

<PaulaP> I did start a list with built-ins

<PaulaP> I would actually do the modules :)

<PaulaP> ok, I can do that

<PaulaP> I can try to look also at modules

<PaulaP> ok :)

Conslusion: F2F update, open issues discussed.

<PaulaP> +1

<Hassan> +1


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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