Hi all, 
Here's the agenda for Monday's Personalization TF call. Let me know if there are any other topics that need to be added:
  • PR related to Action 79 and the [email sent to list 22 Mar 2021] (John)
  • Write up a draft question for TAG, APA, WHAT-WG and send it to our mailing list (related to Action 79 - John)
  • Text for data-purpose related to our values for calendar, dates, and language, etc. (Janina)
  • investigate Research @rel versus @action and @destination and report back to tf (Action 78 - John)
  • i18n open issues:
    • issue 144 - Provide for language and direction metadata for content to be simplified (reopened 12/20)
    • issue 145 - data-purpose attribute referencing 
    • issue 175 - input-purpose language should reference BCP47 (no response as of today)
  • Review other action items 
The  teleconference information is at: call info - personalization
  • 10 am Eastern time
  • 5 pm IS
  • 3 pm UK time
IRC access
An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call at: http://irc.w3.org/?channels=personalization
The server is  irc.w3.org 
The port number is 6665
The channel is #personalization 
You can write any name as a nickname
Resources and useful links
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