New IndieUI Events

The following proposals are based on the 22-Aug-2012 IndieUI teleconference. The minutes are available from:

Pin Focus

The user has explored the user interface and moved their point of regard to a specific widget or location. They want to pin focus to that location such that further user gestures are directed solely at the pinned item.

Note: There was debate on whether to call this "focus". The group decided on "focus" for the time being even though a keyboard may not be involved. If this name is problematic, it can be changed.

Note: A "Pin focus" event implies an "Unpin" event. Alternatively, some gesture(s) automatically un-pins the focus. Consider, for example, how a pinned focus would interact with the "Popup" event described below -- if the popup is displayed, does it have focus? Or does the focus remained pinned at its former pre-popup location?


User has made a gesture that magnifies/minimizes content. For example, user zooms into a map to acquire greater detail, or zooms out for an overview.


Rotate the content in both in 2D and in 3D. Examples include a map-on-a-globe or a 3D chess game.

Popup (see related Dismiss event below)

User triggers presentation of a context menu -- a set of operations relative to the current context. In future, this may be something other than a menu. (Focus or point-of-regard is relevant here, since it defines the context of the popup. Also, the popup acquires focus or point-of-regard when presented).

Dismiss (see related Popup event above)

User dismisses presentation of a previously displayed popup. (Focus or point-of-regard returns to the context associated with the popup after the popup is dismissed).

Expand (see related Collapse event below)

User reveals information at a sub-level in a heirarchy (e.g., a tree view). This can occur in both 2D and 3D.

Collapse (see related Expand event above)

User conceals sub-level in a heirarchy (e.g., a tree view). This can occur in both 2D and 3D.