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I would like to follow up on Deborahs points. I think that the selection committee should be as independent as possible. Therefore I suggest that it should not consist of members of the sponsor organisations. The first step would be to determine the size of the committee and then the election process. In this case members of the committee's could be elected for a longer period of time - regardless of their companies sponsorship status. 

x elected individuals
2 people from the W3C team; 
2 people from the IDCG

I am not an expert either in how these processes work at w3c. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and arguments


On 13 Feb 2019 04:05, wrote:

I'm no expert in the correct balancing of selection committees, but this seems acceptable to me. My one worry would be that the number of sponsor/donor organsations and the amount they contribute can vary. So if there are two organisations and they each give half the funding, they collectively are a third of the committee. And if there are 15 organizations that each give 1/15 of the funding, they collectively comprise almost the entire committee.

But perhaps that worry is reasonable in theory but not so much in practice -- maybe there's always a good sense about how many sponsoring organizations there are.


On Sun, 10 Feb 2019, Léonie Watson wrote:

> Everyone,
> The next thing we need to figure out about the diversity fund, is who should
> be on the selection committee.
> To start the conversation, I suggest the selection committee consist of:
> 1 person from each sponsor/donor organisation;
> 2 people from the W3C team;
> 2 people from the IDCG.
> Thoughts?
> Léonie.