Jonas Sicking wrote:

Sure, but if you have a DOM, what do you do? One solution is certainly
to say that "If you have a DOM, there is no way to extract RDFa data".
This is certainly a possibility, but it does mean that it's impossible

... to build a RDFa implementation in javascript, as javascript is
handed a DOM. I don't know if javascript implementations of RDFa is
something that's considered important.

Its important.  There is already at least one.  Works great.  There is also a JS library that does CURIE processing - sort of a support library for things like RDFa and @role and XML Events 2.  Anyway, you should check out the implementations page at and the formal implementation report at

Also, Jeni, don't you have a JS implementation?  And Mark, don't you have something via Ubiquity?
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