Dear GRDDL WG members,

Reading the GRDDL spec it is not clear to me what will be the alternative mechanism to be used when a XSLT sheet is not used for extracting RDF from a document. It seems to me that the only option is to create a "dummy" XSLT that invokes a URL that actually retrieves or generates the RDF.

I think that it could be very useful to have a new attribute with "retrieval" semantics and not wih "transformation" semantics. As a result, GRDDL will be the standard mechanism in the web used for locating the RDF associated to a web page.

Proposed syntax:

<html xmlns=""

or using the profile-based syntax
<html xmlns="">
  <head profile="">
    <title>Some Document</title>

    <link rel="retrieval"
       href="" />

I look forward to your comments on this

Best wishes