the underlying concern expressed is whether the members of this  
community are solely interested in HTML5 as a gaming platform,
or wether there is a quorum interested in conceiving and developing a  
web gaming language to which HTML5 is merely a stepping stone.
(I don't think it is a terrible idea to look at a more ambitious project  
of creating a games language, I just think it is beyon the scope of this  
group and beyond our area of current interest or priority).

I agree on that too, sounds way out of scope for this group.

I also think that this would require another group and it would probably
be quite difficult to agree on the concepts of a game language.

In fact, we are working on such a language (AORSL) and a supporting
framework, based on the idea of defining games incrementally on top
of a simulation model according to the following equation:

    Game = Simulation + Animation + Motivation


    Animation = Visualization + Sonification + Interaction


Gerd Wagner
Brandenburg University of Technology
Chair of Internet Technology