W3C Forms teleconference February 16, 2011

* Present

Philip Fennel, MarkLogic
Erik Bruchez, Orbeon
Nick van den Bleeken, Inventive Designers
Leigh Klotz, Xerox (chair, minutes)

* Agenda

* Previous Minutes

* Quorum

Leigh Klotz: We have a number of regrets, from John Boyer, Uli Lissé, Steven Pemberton. So we can have a roundtable but that's about it.

* XBL2 Status

Leigh Klotz: The summary seemed to be a core web-apis document and a separate document which adds namespaces, from another group.
Erik Bruchez: It's not clear what would be missing and what we would add. We'll just have to keep an eye on it and if we need to produce some kind of extension to the HTML way of doing XBL.
Leigh Klotz: That seems to be the direction.

* Meeting Ends