Checkout this SKOS based schema management Product which does ordering:

(cc'ed the product manager, Andreas Blumauer)


It was Christophe Dupriez who said at the right time 14.01.2011 12:56 the following words:
Happy New Year to all the Simple Knowledge Organization Systems workers!

Does anyone have designed a way to specify concept ordering when displaying a tree of concepts?

Usually, alphabetical ordering is the best to display narrower concepts of a given concept.
But sometimes (for instance, with historical period), there is "natural" ordering of concepts which is much better.
I would like to add a field with the ordering criteria (stronger than the prefLabel in the user language).

Anyone has done something for this so I do not reinvent the wheel:

NT Single wheeled vehicles
NT Bicycles
NT Tricycles
NT Four wheeled vehicles
NT Vehicles with more than 4 wheels...

Wishing you a very nice w.e. !


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