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Good point, this is something that I have been discussing with my colleagues here while creating the table of properties used to analyse the current situation of the vocabulary. There are properties that are specific to the browser, other specific to the device itself, but others that depend on the whole DC (depends on the browser, the device and other elements that are in a delivery context, such as content transformation proxy or the current user preferences:).

So is the DDWG in charge of defining such kind of properties?

Also when I think more and more on the API the same issue arises, is the API an API for accesing any property of the Delivery Context or its scope is only to access properties that are in a DDR? With my MyMobileWeb hat on I would like it to be an API for accessing any property of the DC at the server side, as we are going to need it anyway  ...

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Dear all,

As a result of the analysis made on [1] here are the comments (coming
from me on behalf of the MyMobileWeb project) on the vocabulary (some of
them already known by Andrea, as I was chatting with him on the MSN :) ):

+ Usable Screen Width / Height. If I read the description, this is
something that will depend on the whole DC and it will be likely not
suitable for storing in a DDR. The value of this property will be
calculated and not stored

That doesn't stop it being part of the core vocabulary, surely?