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Seeking some info

From: Moses Ma <moses.ma@futurelabconsulting.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 11:49:23 -0800
Message-ID: <0f796895-ccbb-e28b-0f32-96bb100c1709@futurelabconsulting.com>
To: W3C Credentials CG <public-credentials@w3.org>
Hi everyone,

Two things –

1) First, is there a federated tracking system that reports how many 
DIDs and VCs have been issued? Or predictions for how many will be 
issued in the future? This is for a book I'm writing, which includes a 
section on decentralized identity.

2) Second, I wanted to invite you to participate in the creation of a 
map of the technological future. A proper analysis would require a four 
quadrant scenario planning analysis, whereas this is more for mainstream 
consumption. If you'd like to comment or add to my company's map, you 
can do so here:


Note: if your contribution is "substantive", please include your name, 
contact and affiliation in the comment for attribution. If your coment 
is specifically about the future of DIDs/VCs, feel free to respond to 
the list... but if you just want to BS about the future in general - 
which would be off topic - please reply to me personally, rather than to 
the list.

Thanks everyone!


Mapping the potential evolution of the Metaverse:
Metaverse Future Map

Coming soon:

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v+1.415.568.1068 | allmylinks.com/moses-ma
Learn more at www.futurelabconsulting.com. For calendar invites, please 
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