On 21/11/2022 16:03, Manu Sporny wrote:
1) We now have 17 implementations of VC API, largely thanks to the JFF
Plugfest #2, and that has taken us by surprise (in a good way).

this is where I take issue with you (as I said during the plugfest).

You might have 17 implementations of the signing VC-API, but these are not VC Issuers. A VC Issuer talks to the wallet/holder (as per the W3C eco system model) and has much more functionality than simply signing a blob of JSON. An issuer that simply signs any old JSON blob that is sent to it by the middleman (the CHAPI playground) is not a holistic issuer. It is simply a cryptographic signer. The middleman and the signer together constitute a holistic VC Issuer as it is the middleman that talks to the wallet, says which VCs  are available to the wallet, authenticates and authorises the user to access the VC(s) and then gets the VC(s) signed by its cryptographic signer.

You will note that all the OID4VCI implementations had holistic VC Issuers, which is why it was a lot more implementation work than that undertaken by the 17 cryptographic signers.

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