On 10/11/2021 15:45, Manu Sporny wrote:
On 11/10/21 10:37 AM, David Chadwick wrote:
This is not correct. You can embed anything in a VC. All you need to do is 
define the property name and value and specify this in the schema for the
You are talking about something that is completely unspecified. There is no
standard way to do what you are implying.

Correct. There is no standard way of doing most things with VCs e.g. issue a credit card, a university degree, a passport or perform delegation etc. So it is not surprising to me that the current data model specification does not standardise all the different things that user groups can do with VCs.

Yes, anything is possible... but the point of standards is to (ideally) agree
on ONE way to do something. Your proposal proposes adding something to the VC
Data Model that is driven by a deficiency in JWTs and is a bit of the tail
wagging the dog.
Lets be clear. I am not proposing anything. I was simply stating that embedding JWT VCs in JWT VCs is possible. It just needs one group of interested people to specify this. If that is the CCG EDU group then they can do it themselves. If the group think it is of global interest then they can ask the VC WG to do it.

You should feel free to propose that new normative feature in the VC-JWT
specification in the VC 2.0 work, but let's be very clear here -- that is a
new normative feature (that has negative effects on the ecosystem), so I
expect people (like me) to disagree with it.

I am not going to propose it because I have not encountered a need for it yet. But I would be happy to help people who have a need to specify how to do it

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-- manu