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See attached. Note that there’s no ML link, and the prominent “reports” icon at the top leads to *all* reports, not those specific to this group.

I do see the “tools for this group” which was missing from the other demo group pages I looked at — but it’s still way down.

Thanks, Mark. The layout of the page changes somewhat depending on whether you are:

* Not logged 
* Logged in and not in the group
* Logged in and in the group.

I’ve attached the view as someone who is logged in and in the group. In this case, we shorten some of the information (e.g., the “get involved” blurb goes away and we hide the chairs completely).

So when you are n the group, the information about tools and so forth is much higher up.

Our thought was that:
 * If you are not in the group then we want to make it easy for you to join
 * If you are not in the group, then you may not care as much about the group’s tools and so forth since you won’t be using them on a 
   regular basis.

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