I am not quite sure what this list represents, please clarify.

Is it a list of formats which are all in scope to be 'change tracked' using some new standard?

or, is it a list of formats in which change tracking could be represented?

or perhaps each technology is one or both of these!

This raises the question of scope of course, and there is a danger of trying to solve all the problems of the world if we are not properly focused! The focus needs to be discussed and agreed early on I think.

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On 20/09/2014 10:24, Innovimax SARL wrote:
Dear all,

I started to collect the technologies that could interact at any level with change tracking

Here are a few so far https://www.w3.org/community/change/wiki/Technologies
  • XML
  • Namespaces
  • HTLM5
  • XPath
  • JSON
  • RDF
  • XQuery Update
  • EXI
  • Dublin core
Please fill free to add (and perhaps links also)


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