Proposal for aria-detailstype

Online word processors often have a way of commenting or annotating a piece of text, that need to be exposed in accessibility APIs to assistive technologies. We need a way to markup comments and suggested changes in documents.

Here's the proposal:

When using aria-details, you can add an optional attribute aria-detailstype on the same element with one of the following values: commenting, suggesting, identifying, describing (default) — these are imported from the web annotations motivation vocabulary.

Possible values for future discussion:

Benefits: a new string attribute is very simple to implement in browsers, AAM's and AT's. Firefox probably already exposes the detailstype object attribute since it exposes any aria-foo attribute automatically.

Example in an editor:

(View source to see markup)

Commenting: The word cat has a comment tied to it.

Suggesting: We shall eat orangesclementines.

Identifying: This content has a footnote that needs a semantic way to link to the footnote text1.