Yeah - I've done enough code merges in my life to know what a pain this must be. My sympathies.

As mentioned at the last meeting, I'll go through the Range text and see if anything jumps out at me from the "assimilation"...


On 6/1/18 1:24 PM, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
Hello HTTPbis WG,

You may have noticed that we submitted a set of drafts yesterday
reflecting the first step of reorganizing the six RFCs 723x into three
specifications on HTTP Semantics, HTTP Caching, and HTTP/1.1 Messaging.
[I actually tried getting that down to two, but merging caching didn't
seem to help right now -- we can revisit that later.]

Note that conditional, range, and auth are now incorporated into
semantics.  Their drafts 01 are just tombstones, which seem to have
already moved to the IETF archive after their datatracker status
was updated.  Also, all of the architecture and routing discussion
in RFC7230 was moved from messaging to semantics, and redundant
content in the IANA considerations sections have been moved to
the defining sections to act as summary tables and extensibility

Our intent was to make as few content changes as possible while
moving the sections around.  There are a few commentary (cref)
additions that I made just to keep track of eventual changes,
but otherwise this is just existing text being moved around
(section by section, and in some cases sentence by sentence).
Deletions were limited to redundant text or forward references
that are no longer necessary.

This was a lot harder than it looks.

To keep track of things and avoid losing content, I made a parallel
set of rearrangements to the original RFC text files.  These are at

and post-rearranged side-by-side text diffs since RFC723x are at

I am pretty sure that the above diffs are accurate, but if you really want
to check the non-reorganized diffs, see

(see also Julian's list at <>).

Our next step will be to start working through the issues list at

We will continue tracking changes via github.  So, if you see
something wrong (or remember something you wanted to change in
the RFCs), please be sure to search the issues list, make comments,
submit a PR, or add new issues where appropriate.  If you don't want
to submit via github, please send comments in an email here and
we will transfer them when appropriate.

Once again, our work area is at

and the whole set of live drafts are available from


....Roy Fielding (with Mark Nottingham and Julian Reschke)


craig pratt

caspia consulting