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RE: New I-D for Http Jaye Trust State Mgt

From: Jaye, Dan <DJaye@engagetech.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:17:24 -0500
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Understandable confusion.


The draft that I emailed out from the IETF meeting in Munich (v01) was 
bounced when submitted (because of the rule prohibiting submissions 
until after the meeting was concluded).

I submitted the new draft (v02) last week.  The ID administrator 
renumbered v02 to v01 so it would sequentially follow the previous 
(official) version.  For simplicity, let's assume that the latest 
version is v01 and ignore the (unofficial) version I emailed to the 
list from Munich.

Apologies for the confusion.


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Subject:	Re: New I-D for Http Jaye Trust State Mgt

I'm confused.  The draft that was announced via the IETF today was
draft-ietf-http-jaye-trust-state-01.txt, but your email announced 
contains) draft-ietf-http-jaye-trust-state-02.txt.  How are they

Dave Kristol

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