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Re: HTTP working group status & issues (please reply)

From: Y. John Jiang <yjj@rad.balink.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:53:47 -0400
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On Sep 27,  1:10pm, Maurizio Codogno wrote:
> Subject: Re: HTTP working group status & issues (please reply)
> % - GET-with-body or idempotent-POST
> %   Discussed on the working group; there seems to be enough
> %   demand, but not a lot of clarity on the solution.
> %   *** I'd like a brief note from you about your opinion,
> %       especially if you haven't responded on this before.
> I personally don't like very much an idempotent-POST: if I have an
> incremental database, POSTing twice should result in two record added.

Agree.  POST is intended to have something posted/added to the
server content.  A cache should never intercept such a request
and acts on behalf of the server.  If POST is used to give fairly
static responses, it's rather a misuse of the method, and the
protocol should not be modified to accomodate the misuse.

> Netscape "repost form data?" checkbox is however a good idea, IMO, and
> maybe it could be further developed to content everybody.

This deals with the browser caching.  But the general concern is
the caching of proxy server.

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