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[Bug 6278] Border-resolution in the collapsing-border model

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Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 15:19:23 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Edward Jiang <ejiang@att.net>  2010-06-03 15:19:23 ---
Hi Vincent,

First of all, all the members of XSL-FO working group feel so sorry that we
haven't get back to you with a complete and final answer to the email you sent
back in 2007.  I believe part of the problem we're dealing with here is that
some of the questions and explanations in your email
(http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xsl-editors/2007AprJun/0000) are not quite
clear and straightforward to us.

Let's take the 2 paragraphs you sent for "Border-resolution in the
collapsing-border model" for example:

| For the (cells of the) first row of a table, border-before on the
| fo:table and applicable fo:table-column objects play into border
| resolution. When the table is broken accross several pages, do they
| also
| play for the first row of each page? Or only the very first row of the
| table? We agreed upon yes. This means that if
| border-conditionality="retain" on fo:table, then it will appear on
| each
| page (if it wins in the border resolution), which would be the same
| behavior as in the separate-border model.

| But if the fo:table-header is not omitted at page breaks, how should
| border resolution be performed? Technically, the areas generated by
| the
| table-cell children of fo:table-header are /replicated/ on each new
| page, so they would have the is-first trait set to true. So assuming
| that the conditionality of the fo:table's border-before is "discard",
| should it play or not in the border resolution of table-headers on the
| second and following pages?

According to my understanding, first of all, border resolution only happens
during the "collapse" mode. Assuming we are talking about all the problems here
during the "collapse" model.  And, please notice that XSL-FO shares the same
"border conflict resolution" rule as CSS
(http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/tables.html#border-conflict-resolution, hereinafter

Now let's take a look of your question here using following diagram:

+------------------+===resolved by rule===+
!                  !                      !  \
!                  !                      !   !
! 1st Page Header1 ! 1st Page Header2     !   !
!                  !                      !   !
+------------------+----------------------!   !
!  other rows      !  other rows          !   !
+------------------+----------------------+   !
<<<< Page Break >>>>                           > Single fo:table
+------------------+ *Border in Question* +   !
!                  !                      !   !
!                  !                      !   !
! 2nd Page Header1 ! 2nd Page Header2     !   !
!                  !                      !   !
!                  !                      !  /

So we are mainly discussing the second page's border marked as *Border in
Question* in the diagram here, am I correct?

If I understand your logic correct, I tried to paraphrase your idea here:


1. fo:table has "border-before" property set
2. fo:table has "border-before" property's "conditionality" sub property set to
3. fo:table-column for 2nd column in diagram has "border-before" property set
4. fo:table-header has a fo:table-cell that has "border-before" property set

Now, the question lies in 2 aspects here, both are concerned with the *Border
in Question*.

1. On the 2nd page, does the "border-before" property of fo:table will be still
taken into consideration for resolution or not?

2. On the 2nd page, does the "border-before" property of fo:table-cell for the
fo:table-header's 2nd column will be still taken into consideration for
resolution or not?

Is this rewrite correct?

Also, my final question regarding the term "separate-border model" in your
email.  Do you mean the model by just the model in "non-collapse" mode?

Member of XSL-FO working group

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