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Conditional Borders on Tables with Separate Border Model

From: Vincent Hennebert <vincent.hennebert@anyware-tech.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 16:57:36 +0000
Message-ID: <474C4C80.2080205@anyware-tech.com>
To: xsl-editors@w3.org

Dear XSL Editors,

There is something I believe is not specified in the XSL-FO 1.1 
Recommendation. As I’ve seen differing behaviours among the various 
XSL-FO implementations I think some clarification is needed.

In the separate border model for tables there is a border-separation 
property which specifies the distance between adjacent cells. The 
recommendation says that the table and each cell should add half of this 
value to their own borders. The questions are:
- if a break occurs inside a table, between two rows (regardless of 
  whether the table’s border is conditional, see below), should the 
  cells from the last row on the page also add half of the 
  border-separation to their border-after (and the first cells of the 
  following page to their border-before)? That sounds reasonable, but 
  technically speaking there are no adjacent cell after (or before) 
- if the corresponding border is conditional (border-before/ 
  after-width.conditionality = discard), should the border-separation 
  also be discarded? The question holds for fo:table as well as for 
  fo:table-cell (when there is a break /inside/ it).

It seems to me that the separation should be discarded if so is the 
border, but confirmation on this topic would be welcome. Knowing that 
this may lead to funny things, for example if a two-column table has 
a conditional border-after, so has the cell on the first column, but the 
cell on the second column has a retained border. The bottom of the first 
cell will align with the bottom of the region-body, but for the second 
cell there will be /half/ of the border-separation between its 
border-after and the bottom of the region-body.

Vincent Hennebert
Received on Tuesday, 27 November 2007 17:08:55 UTC

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