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Re: reference-orientation and writing-mode

From: Glen Mazza <grm7793@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 06:26:23 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <20050824132623.20093.qmail@web81901.mail.mud.yahoo.com>
To: xsl-editors@w3.org


Pardon me for commenting on your note to the editors,
I just have something I'd like to add to a small
subset of your remarks:

--- "Peter B. West" <lists@pbw.id.au> wrote:

> fo:page-sequence, in 1.0, embodies a contradiction. 
> On the one hand, it
> is tasked with "generating" not only the
> page-viewports, but the
> region-reference-areas.  On the other,
> reference-orientation and
> writing-mode do not apply to fo:page-sequence.  The
> editors are seeking
> to resolve this by applying those properties to
> fo:page-sequence.
> However, the properties still apply to the
> simple-page-master and the
> region FOs. They must, because, in spite of the
> language of the draft,
> those FOs do, in fact, generate reference-areas. 
> Language engineering
> doesn't alter that reality.

The 1.0 Rec in Section 6.1 defines three types of
formatting objects:

"There are three kinds of formatting objects: (1)
those that generate areas, (2) those that return
areas, but do not generate them, and --->(3) those
that are used in the generation of areas.<--- The
first and second kinds are typically called flow
objects. The third kind is either a layout object or
an auxiliary object. The kind of formatting object is
indicated by the terminology used with the object.
Formatting objects of the first kind are said to
"generate one or more areas". Formatting objects of
the second kind are said to "return one or more
areas". Formatting objects of the first kind may both
generate and return areas. --->Formatting objects of
the third kind are "used in the generation of areas";
that is, they act like parameters to the generation

Wouldn't you say that the fo:region-xxxx FO's and
fo:simple-page-master actually fall into the third
type (*not* the first), those that are used in the
generation of areas, i.e., serve as parameters to the
generation process but do not generate areas

> My suggestions would require a clarification to the
> language of area
> generation.  fo:page-sequence would return
> page-viewport-areas, but not
> generate them.  Likewise, it would not generate
> region-reference-areas.
> It does invoke the generation of those areas,
> because
> fo:simple-page-master and offspring do not, in
> isolation, generate
> anything.  They must be invoked by an
> fo:page-sequence.  Once invoked,
> however, they most definitely generate the
> reference-areas.  

As above, I see them mainly as auxiliary objects being
*used* in the generation process (for obtaining
parameters) but not generating areas themselves.

But, again, though, I'm commenting just on this small
portion of your remarks and not the many others that
you had made.


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