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Comments on 2nd WD (part 12)

From: Glen Mazza <glen.mazza@eds.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 18:39:23 -0800 (PST)
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More comments on the XSL 1.1 2WD:

111.  Section 6.4.2, fo:root, Contents section. 
Because fo:page-sequence-wrappers are not required to
have fo:page-sequences ([1], comment #61), given
fo:root's content model it is now possible for an FO
document without any fo:page-sequences to be valid. 
For this reason, I would recommend adding a prose
content model requirement that it is an error for an
FO document to not have any fo:page-sequences. 
(Alternatively, define what the output should be for
an FO document that doesn't have any
fo:page-sequences--but this seems nonideal--the
current 1.0 requirement that document must have at
least one fo:page-sequence should probably be carried


112.  6.4.14 fo:region-body, 6.4.15 fo:region-before,
6.4.16 fo:region-after, 6.4.17 fo:region-start, and
6.4.18 fo:region-end.  Trait derivation section. (5
places total)  Recommend adding "the" in the following
three locations to make more grammatical:

"The reference-orientation and writing-mode of the
region-viewport-area are determined by the formatting
object that generates the area (see 6.4.5
fo:page-sequence). -->The<-- reference-orientation of
the region-reference-area is set to "0" and is,
therefore, the same as the orientation established by
the region-viewport-area. -->The<-- writing-mode of
the region-reference-area is set to the same value as
that of the region-viewport-area.

The remaining traits on the region-viewport-area and
region-reference-area are set according to -->the<--
normal rules for determining the values of traits."

113.  Section 6.4.14, fo:region-body, sentence just
above the Constraints section--there is a stray comma
that should be removed:

"The traits on the span-reference-areas and on the
normal-flow-reference-areas are determined-->,<-- in
the same manner as described in 5 Property Refinement
/ Resolution."

114.  Section 6.4.16 fo:region-after, 6.4.17
fo:region-start, and 6.4.18 fo:region-end (3 places),
Areas section:  Missing "the":

If the value of the overflow trait is "scroll", the
size of the reference-area is equal to the size of the
viewport in the inline-progression-direction in the
writing-mode for the region and has no constraint in
-->the<-- block-progression-direction (which implies
that it grows to hold the distribution of all the
content bound to the region).

115.  Section 6.4.20, fo:static-content, Constraints,
the "properly ordered" term should be unhyphenated
here (the definition of it is not hyphenated):

Specifically, if P is a page-reference-area, C is an
area-class, and S is the set of all descendants of P
of area-class C returned to the fo:static-content
descendant, then S must be -->properly-ordered.<--

116.  Section 6.4.22, fo:flow-map Note.  Stray comma
to be removed:

"This is independent of the actual sequence of pages,
which is generated as it has always been generated
using the fo:simple-page-master-->,<-- and
fo:page-sequence-master objects referred to by the
master-reference property of the fo:page-sequence."

117.  Section 5.10.4, Property Value functions,
inherited-property-value:  Recommend to either add
"the" where noted below, or replace the sentence to
something similar to the one below it:

"The background-color property on the fo:block is
assigned the value "red" because the (computed, after
inheritance) value of the color (not background-color)
property on the fo:list-item-body that is the parent
of -->the<-- fo:block is "red"."

The background-color property on the fo:block is
assigned the value "red" because the computed value of
the color (not background-color) property on its
fo:list-item-body parent is "red".

118.  Section 6.5.1, Introduction to Block-level
formatting objects.  This section does not seem
necessary because it is basically duplicating 6.5.2,
further it is describing just fo:block and not
fo:block-container.  The Editors may wish to consider
removing 6.5.1, and moving the fo:block example at to (after the fo:block description)

119.  Section 6.5.1, Introduction:  Recommend removing
"the" *or* adding "flow/formatting object" after
"fo:block" as below:

"The following example illustrates the usage of
-->the<-- fo:block in a stylesheet."

120. It appears Section and should
probably be combined to one title:  Example - Chapter
and Section Title, Paragraphs.  Also, the prose
explanation between "Input Sample" and "XSL
Stylesheet" would probably be easier for the reader to
follow if it were moved to the end of this section
(after the "Result Instance" XSL output).

Glen Mazza
Apache FOP Team
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