Add an explicit statement under the definitions of <length-range> and <space> which states:
  If a property allows:
    <length>, <percentage>, and <length-range>
    <length>, <percentage>, and <space>
then any/all of the .minimum, .optimum, .maximum components of length-range or space-specifier may be expressed as either a length or as a percentage.

And add a similar statement to the definition of <length-conditional>.

  We would need to evaluate those properties allowing any of the above which also specify a value of "auto".
  We certainly intended this for leader-length; since we default min, opt to values in points and max to 100%.

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For issue 2, could you please say exaclty which changes you would propose?

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24/04/2005 23:02
Can space-before, et al be specified as a percentage-range?

This was sent to me by one of our developers:

      Section 5.11:
        "space-before.within-colums" should be "space-before.within-column"


        <length-range> is specified as minimum, optimum and maximum all
        being type <length>.  These can be type <percentage> or the token
        "auto" also (see "block-progression-dimension").

For the second issue, I think the general question is:
  Can a <length-range> accept percentage values, or must they be actual
My thinking is:
  We should allow percentages if the property will accept a percentage
  as a single/simple value.

---Steve Deach

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---Steve Deach