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Re: max-height, etc

From: Anders Berglund <alrb@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 15:27:48 -0400
To: xsl-editors@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF807E8099.EAF57DD9-ON85256FF9.006A7B02-85256FF9.006AEA95@us.ibm.com>

Thank-you for pointing out these deficiencies in the draft.

I have copied the appropriate text from the "fuller" property
descriptions to the other definitions.

Regarding the "auto" value; this is a CSS2 error, which has been
corrected in the CSS2.1 CR draft to be "0" when used for "min-height"
and "none" when used for "max-height". The XSL spec will be updated


>The editors,
>In the draft version of XSL 1.1 (2004-12-16) the property definition for
>  7.14.8 "max-height" contains
>Value: <length> | <percentage> | none | inherit
>Percentages: refer to height of containing block
>The discussion of <percentage> has
>Specifies a percentage for determining the computed value. The
>percentage is calculated with respect to the height of the generated
>box's containing block. If the height of the containing block is not
>specified explicitly (i.e., it depends on content height), the
>percentage value is interpreted like "auto".
>"auto" is not defined for max-height.
>For 7.14.19 "min-height", there is no discussion of the meaning of
><percentage> at all, except by reference to the CSS2 "min-height"
>In CSS2, section 10.7 discusses "min-height" and "max-height" together,
>and the discussion of <percentage> relates to both properties.  Neither
>property includes "auto" as a valid specified value.  There is, however,
>a detailed discussion in "10.6 Computing heights and margins" of the
>meaning of "auto" in a number of circumstances.
>If, as I assume, this is the relevant discussion for the resolution of
>percentages on both min-height and max-height, it would be useful to
>modify the definition of min-height to reflect its commonality with
>max-height, and to specifically note the appropriate place to determine
>the value of "auto" on these properties.
>Yours faithfully,
>Peter B. West <http://cv.pbw.id.au/>
>Folio <http://defoe.sourceforge.net/folio/> <http://folio.bkbits.net/>
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