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Re: Missing feature in XSL 1.1

From: Oliver Becker <obecker@informatik.hu-berlin.de>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 13:39:00 +0100 (MET)
Message-Id: <200312231239.hBNCd0x8011813@mail.informatik.hu-berlin.de>
To: eliot@isogen.com
Cc: xsl-editors@w3.org

Hello Eliot,

> > - use different start-indent/text-indent values 
> >   (to align blocks on the outer/inner side of a page)
> I'm not sure I understand this requirement or how it would differ from 
> having inside/outside floats. Can you provide an example of the 
> presentation effect you are trying to achieve, including the type of 
> document this would be for (technical documentation, magazine/newspaper, 
> invoice, etc.)?

Well, currently I'm using these kinds of floats. But it is rather
Example: code blocks that use the whole page width in a layout with
different side regions,
see http://xep.xattic.com/lists/xep-support/1629.html
I need it for my thesis, but it could be useful for a technical book, too.
Problem: floats have to fit as a whole on one page, they don't span over
multiple pages.

> > - create different contents
> >   (e.g. one icon for odd pages and another for even pages)
> Again, I'm not sure I understand the requirement. If the icon is used in 
> static text, this can be solved using markers and page-master-specific 
> edge regions. Again, an example would be helful.

I have in mind an icon that appears as a marginalia note. This should be
possible using a float (again an inside/outside float).
On even (left) pages the icon should be an arrow pointing to the right,
on odd (right) pages the icon should be an arrow pointing to the left.
Is that so unusual?


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