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Global Church Newsletter

From: Marc Dushey <marc@globalchurchfinancing.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 18:50:44 -0400 (EDT)
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As most of you know by now Global Church
Financing is the largest finance company that
caters specifically to the equipment finance
needs of churches nationwide. We are sending you
this email to keep you up to date with a few of
the types of transactions that we do.

Your church can be automatically approved for a
loan to purchase the equipment you need now. We
can finance pews, air-conditioning and heating
systems, organs, sound and video equipment,
pianos, computers, or just about any type of
equipment your church needs. We offer low rates
and up to 60 months to repay. Global Financial
Services Your Church Equipment Financing
Specialists since 1975.

DON'T WAIT ANOTHER SUNDAY, CLICK HERE TO GET ANY EQUIPMENT YOUR CHURCH NEEDS NOW! >> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=ipygpwn6.f6nsqwn6.xs5n4un6&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalchurchfinancing.com%2Findex.html

== > Dr. Jerry Falwell still on board with Global Church Financing

"Let's Face it. The church is not worldly, but
it must minister to the world, the very real
world it finds itself in. And that means the
church must adapt itself to the prevailing
technologies of that world. What we want is old
time religion, not old-fashioned ways of
delivering the word, nor old or outmoded
facilities." So said Dr. Jerry Falwell in giving
his blessing to a  program of church
equipment financing offered by Global Church
Financing. In its essentials, the program is
a reward for good faith(in every sense of that
term). It means brand new equipment and a chance
for churches to create new child care centers,
expand its music ministries resources, and
prepare the way for an expanded mission and an
expanding congregation.


== > C.O.G.I.C. endorses Global Church Financing for a 2nd year

Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson the Presiding Bishop
over the Church of God in Christ has officially
endorsed Global Church Financing for a second
straight year. Over the years Global has
financed over 275 C.O.G.I.C. Churches. Allowing
those churches to get any and all the equipment
their growing churches and ministries needed to
continue to spread the good word. This year
C.O.G.I.C. Membership Services Chairman Bishop
Nathaniel W. Wells, Jr. celebrates the great
success of this program and what it has done to
help the member churches. Bishop Wells welcomes
all churches to call and participate with the
program so that they too can experience the
growth that all his churches have been feeling.


== > Meeting the Need for Great Sound in Your Church

EXPERIENCE for the congregation is the goal for
every church.  

To help you fulfill that need, Harman
Professional Systems (HPS) and Global Church
Financing have teamed to provide your church
with a great sound system at a great price.

For neighborhood churches servings sanctuary
gatherings of from 250 to 750, we have developed
a series of three, high-quality,
high-reliability, and easily affordable HPS
SystemSolution packages that will serve the
needs for both your liturgical and music programs.  

For larger churches, we offer similar
cost-effective, pre-configured systems.  Give us
a call at (800) 397-1881 to help determine the
right systems for your congregations needs.

More detailed information on these great sound
systems and how to get one financed and into
your church will be emailed shortly.


Global Church Financing has many programs so
that every church can be approved to purchase
any equipment their growing church needs. Please
click on any of the links or pictures above to
be connected to our web site for more detailed
information on all the programs we have
available. If you have any question on how this
program works or how to get your approval please
visit our website listed below, email us or just
give us a call at 212-480-4900 one of our
executives is standing by to speak with you.
Respectfully Yours,

Marc Dushey
V.P. of Global Church Financing
email: marc@globalchurchfinancing.com
voice: 212-480-4900
web: http://www.globalchurchfinancing.com

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