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From: sanusi b bello <sanusibello2@zwallet.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 20:10:18 -0500
To: sanusibello22@eudoramail.com
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Dear Sir, 

There are fundamentals forces, which exist in the civil conduct code of the federal republic of Nigeria. The code of code is this civil servant are not allow to own a foreign account or a foreign business in any part of the country except if the person is not in service anymore. 

I can see you are a reputable person and honest man I can do this business with that will generate more income at mare future. I am still serving as the director Nigeria national petroleum co-operation I want to invest and entrust the total sum of us$25,000,000:00 into your bank account and I want to invest it on real estate business. This will be my secret business it between you and me will not have time to travel down to your country because of my official appointment with the federal government of Nigeria. The fund will be transfer by the central bank of Nigeria under my supervision and control I want you to send me your company letter of guarantee for me to trust you with the fund, letter of agreement our banking information or you open anew account where the fund will be transfer to commerce on the real estate business in Arizona. 

The money will be transfer by the central bank of Nigeria in part payment us$2,500,000: dollars will be into your bank with out being delay every week. This is not a scam and I believe in trust and honesty. Business is trust if there is trust we will do this business tremendous way without anybody knowing. I do not want anybody to know about this business even my family will not kwon I process to transfer money to purchase and to invest on real east properties business. The money is in the central bank of Nigeria for real ready to be transfer under my supervision and control, as the DIRECTOR OF N.N.P.C.I will be expecting your urgent reply as soon as possible. Please treat as urgent and strictly confidential want to have a long lasting business relationship with you and I will be expecting you reply.
Thanks and God bless. 


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