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Re: <oXygen/> XML Editor 1.1.9

From: Max Froumentin <mf@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 16:24:21 +0200
To: "Mihai Ionescu" <mihai@sync.ro>
Cc: <xsl-editors@w3.org>
Message-ID: <86sn40a3je.fsf@sophia.inria.fr>

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"Mihai Ionescu" <mihai@sync.ro> writes:

> Hello,
> <oXygen/> XML Editor 1.1.9 is available for download
> http://oxygen.sync.ro/generate.php?topicID=download
> New in this version:
>     * XML Schema driven code insight is improved to offer attribute values
> in case of enumeration and default values and to handle multiple namespaces.
>     * The checks for valid and well formed documents and the apply
> stylesheet operations run on a different thread so that the GUI remains
> usable
>     * Acknowledgements of the above operations are replaced with
> notifications in status bar to avoid interruptions.
>     * Registration form in application - now, you can get your license
> submiting informations using a registration form which is loaded if no
> license detected.
>     * Improved GUI
>     * Support for changing the printing scale factor
> <oXygen/> XML Editor supports XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents.
> <oXygen/> is written in Java; it has a high development dynamics and is
> availabile on many platforms. It has Unicode support and the interface is
> available in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian. <oXygen/> goal
> is to make tasks shorter, thus it offers end tag auto-completion and a
> powerful code insight that guide the user to write valid XML content. The
> code can be driven by a DTD, an XML schema or by the structure of a partial
> edited document. Taking manipulation of XML content into consideration XML
> and XSL documents can be easily associated one with the other and the
> transformation results can be viewed in different formats; more the user can
> test XPath expressions. <oXygen/> validates XML, XSL and XSD content,
> reporting eventual errors with description and line number information. The
> multiple document interface is enhanced with the support for projects. It
> has drag and drop support and on Windows it can be associated with file
> extensions. The syntax highlight allows a nice view of the XML documents and
> the colors can be customized.
> Best Regards,
> Mihai
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