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RE: Semantics of "Local stylesheets"

From: Michael Kay <mhkay@iclway.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 12:27:09 +0100
To: "'Tomas Pitner'" <tomp@informatics.muni.cz>, <xsl-editors@w3.org>
Message-ID: <002001c0e50d$a3bc8330$41483c3e@PCUKMKA>
The fact that something is in the requirements document doesn't mean that
the semantics have been worked out!

I think (personal view) that the requirement is for some kind of mechanism
to associate sets of template rules in the stylesheet with different source
documents, so when you do an xsl:apply-templates on a secondary source
document loaded using the document() function, a different set of template
rules is used than when processing the primary source document. Whether this
is done by making use of the <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction in
the loaded document, or by some other mechanism, is a completely open

I hadn't thought of it in terms of applying a complete transformation to the
secondary document and then getting the result of that transformation, but
it might be one way of meeting the requirement.

Mike Kay

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> Subject: Semantics of "Local stylesheets"
> Hello,
> my question/comment concerns the following XSLT2.0 Requirement:
> 1.3 Should Allow Included Documents to "Encapsulate" Local
> Stylesheets
> What is then supposed to be the semantics of the "inclusion"
> of the external source document:
> Should the stylesheet PI specified in the included doc mean REALLY
> only inclusion of some templates (transformation rules) to
> the stylesheet
> of the original document, OR should it, instead, mean:
> ** at first, do a transformation of the included doc via its
> stylesheet and then,
> ** at second, transform the original doc with included result
> of the first transformation?
> Thanks for clarification,
> -- Tom Pitner, Masaryk University, Brno, CZ
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