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Dear friends, you can earn 50.000, - USD and it is more during the following of 90 days on dispatch e-mail. It SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE?? Read details, in it there is not a deceit, simply do to itself advertising in the Internet, dispatch e-mail and place advertisements, and YOU will rise on path to financial independence and FREEDOM!!

Thank for your time and interest. About this letter recently it was written in the American newspapers. Also, in view of its popularity in the Internet, the main night information program has lighted to it(him) the whole transmission on an explanation and finding - out, whether really below described program can bring to people money. Research of a legality of the given program also is carried out. As a result of which, has once and for all proved to be true, that any laws and the orders are not broken.

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Take to itself a part of THIS ACTION!! MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING (MLM) at last has reached respect. It is taught at the Harward trading school. Stanford research institute and magazine Wall Street count that 50-65 % of all goods and services up to the end of millenium will be on sale by means of multi-level methods. It is much milliard dollar industry and, only from 500,000 millionaires in USA, the whole of 20 % (100.000 person) have made the state for last couple of years thanking MLM.

Take see network marketing you have two sources of the profit: Direct profit from sale which you and carry out(spend) profit from a revolution of people which will result in business. The infinite profit is a secret of riches. It means once to invest time or money and then to receive money again and again. In network marketing it also means to get money for operation of others.

Unfortunately, having read this letter for the first time, I have practically skipped such possibility through fingers, and at all did not begin to read further, but soon I have re-read all anew. Has reflected and has understood all force of this sentence. And now I am rich and free. I spiritually can develop, have a rest, over me there is no oppression of the heads, my family and me is not prevented by humiliating poverty and struggle for a piece of bread, preventing human life :

Before will read this program, you should understand, that this legal program could not be created by the fan. Let me to tell about itself a little. The whole 10 years for me were own developing business. In 1979 my business started to fall. I did everything, that to me before brought success, but unsuccessfully. At last I have understood, that it not because of me, and because of economy which accompanied with us since 1945.

I think it is not necessary for you to explain, how it has affected unemployment in the country, many of you know it on own experience. Has come many fallings and bankrupts. The middle class disappeared, that do(make) what knew, wisely invested and have promoted above, and who did not know those, all is lower than drop, in poor. As the known saying speaks: " RICH GROW RICH, And POOR GROW POOR ".

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The INSTRUCTION: This method of earnings of money actually OPERATES ON 100 %, WHEN NECESSARY, ANYWHERE. I am sure, that you can earn more than 50.000, - USD the next 90 days. Before telling " nonsense... " Please read closely and try to grasp in essence of this program. It not the chain letter, and an excellent legal opportunity to earn money.

In what sense? As and in anyone multi-level to the circuit, trade is under construction on attraction of new partners and sale of the goods. ORDERS COME To YOU And ARE CARRIED OUT ON E-MAIL, therefore there is no personal contact. It is done all houses or in establishment. It is the biggest multi-level an opportunity on light!!!!! And IT NOT EXAGGERATION!!

There are two basic methods for construction of your bottom levels:

The METHOD *1 - SENDING MASS E-MAIL ADVERTISING we shall Assume, for example, that you want to begin with small quantity(amount), only to look as it operates.

We admit, that you and all partners involved by you will send only 2.000 e-mail (each of you). Also we shall assume, that receive only 0,5 % of answers. If use the good list of addresses that of 1 %. Then many people will dispatch already hundred thousand these programs, due to yours 2.000. We shall continue our example, you have sent 2.000 programs.

From 0,5 % of answers it only 10 orders on REPORT *1. These ten person has sent 20.000 programs, that at 0,5 % - already 100 orders on REPORT *2. Each of these 100 have sent on 2.000 programs, and you have received 1.000 orders on REPORT *3 and if each of these 1.000 will send 2.000 programs so at 0,5 % receive 10.000 orders on REPORT *4.

And it is 10.000 h 5 = 50.000 USD in a cash!!!!! Your final earnings in this case will be: 50+500+5.000+50.000 = 55.550, - USD!!!!!!! Remember, that this assumption for 1990 person. What will not want to participate, this opportunity will remove, and nothing happen! Try to think minute! And what if everyone will send 100.000 programs instead of 2.000?!

Trust me, that people will make it, probably and it is more! By the way, your financial contribution is minimal... You already have connection to the Internet, and e-mail - is free-of-charge! REPORT to *2 you will show the best methods of mass dispatch e-mail and where it is possible to find the list of addresses.

The METHOD *2 - FREE-OF-CHARGE ADVERTISING In the INTERNET Advertising in the Internet is undemanding and there is one thousand FREE-OF-CHARGE places for advertising. We shall tell, for example, that you will start modestly, whether only to learn it operates.

Your purpose would be to find only 10 person on the first level that is those who would order in you REPORT*1 (accommodation of free-of-charge announcements in the Internet easily to find and a lot of orders). We shall assume further, that each of your organization will be found only by 10 person. We shall look on an example and we shall see, that will take place:

    1. 1-st level - yours 10 clients on 5 USD. : : : : : : : : : : 50, - USD.

    2. 2. of 2-nd level - on 10 clients from those 10-ти (5, - USD x 100)........ 500, - USD.

    3. 3. 3-rd level is already 1.000 clients (5, - USD x 1.000). :: : : .5.000, - USD.

    4. 4. of 4-th level - 10.000 clients (5, - USD x 10.000)..... : : :.: 50.000, - USD.

Total 55.550, - USD.

Remember, that it only an example for 10 clients. Many people will find hundreds clients!!! THINK OF IT!!! Everything, that you should make, for everyone of 5 $ USD which receive in the purse is to send the buyer ordered REPORT. Also it IS ALL!!! ALWAYS SEND ORDERS In THAT DAY WHEN THEY WILL COME!!!

It to you guarantees, that e-mail which will send with YOUR name, will be distributed faster because they can not be sent while REPORT's is not present at your customer!!!


****** Order to itself each of them according to number and the name ******

Table 1. REPORT's and essential elements of sellers.



Z-purse of the seller in system WebMoney


REPORT *1 " Bases of real e-mails for work."

Z169936494519 for USD


REPORT *2 " the Management(manual) on mass advertising dispatch E-Mail "

Z575080384041 for USD


REPORT *3 " Secrets of multilevel marketing in the Internet "

Z788617379782 for USD


REPORT *4 " How to begin the millionaire, using MLM and the Internet "

Z658265472476 for USD

With any of sellers always it is possible to communicate through him e-mail. But, please, do not load their superfluous questions, they can be very much occupied with processing of orders (especially on the third and the fourth levels).


1. To copy program WebMoney keeper 2 and to create to itself create a Z-purse for USD. Instructions on work with a purse and the information on this system of payments on a site

2. To fill up the purse $20 to your Z-purse, having chosen any of accessible on ways of translation.

3. After receipt of money in your purse, order to itself all four REPORT's (from the list of Table 1), by translation WebMoney from the purse in a purse of the seller, the sum of $5 dollars to Z-purse, for everyone REPORT. Necessarily, specify in a field of the comment number REPORT and return e-mail the address.

For example:


In Table 1, remove number of a purse from a line 4 and move on its place number of a purse from a line 3. Then, move number of a purse from a line 2 to the released place in line 3. And, at last, move number of a purse from a line 1 to a line 2. Into the released place in a line 1 insert number of the Z-purse. Now you became seller REPORT*1.

The NOTE: All operations from creation of a purse before payment REPORT's are made in program WebMoney Keeper.

Open Z-purse you can only in version WebMoney Keeper2:

*In a purse, money are stored(kept) as standard units (WebMoney). At the rate 1WM = 1 US dollar for Z-purse

*When will make the order, be convinced, that you have ordered all REPORT. All of them will be necessary that you have kept at yourselves in a computer and, then, could sell copies. All these are really necessary for you REPORT, differently people can not make at you the order, and the most important, these REPORT's contain the important information on how it to reach success!! And to develop this bisiness.

*In Current of several days after payment, you receive four e-mail, in everyone on one REPORT. Keep them in your computer (and on a diskette for reliability) that they were always ready to a sending to thousand people which will order them in you. Now it is your goods,with right of sales!

IMPORTANT: - do not change number of purses which are in the list behind each of REPORT's (any way), only how it is specified in items(points) (1 - 5), differently will lose the most part of the incomes. When will understand, how it operates, to you at once it becomes clear, why it ceases to operate, when something will change not on items(points) (1 - 5). Remember, this method was checked up, and if you change it(him), it(he) will cease to work!!

Take this document with the changed list of names and accounts and copy it(him) on your computer. Now you are ready to work and can dispatch this offer in searches of the clients, but preliminary necessarily read all four managements(manuals) - they strongly will help you. Do not do(make) any changes regarding the INSTRUCTION!!!

Your financial contribution to the given enterprise is practically insignificant (certainly if you presume to invest to yourselves 20, - USD, or, for example, can develop with friends. The more will be you for a parcel(sending) of advertising and email, the it is more you than them will send!. You, certainly, are already connected to a network the Internet and have free-of-charge e-mail!

Your financial contribution to the given enterprise is practically insignificant (certainly if you presume to invest to yourselves 20, - USD, or, for example, can develop with friends. You for the beginning can pay only for REPORT*1 and for other packages to pay from the purse when to you there will come the paid orders for yours REPORT*1. The more will be you for a parcel(sending) of advertising and email, the it is more you than them will send!. You, certainly, are already connected to a network the Internet and have free-of-charge e-mail!

In the help to you with your marketing, are created 4 REPORT (managements((manuals)) which you have ordered. They contain the helpful information, for example, how to send mass post dispatch (e-mail), where to find one thousand opportunities to make free-of-charge advertising etc.

Also!!! NECESSARILY CHECK UP CORRECTNESS of CHANGE of the TABLE!!! Approximately 50.000 new people are connected to the Internet each month! Check up, especially closely(attentively), correctness of the instruction(indication) of number of a purse while translating. It is very important, as yet do not pay correctly, the order will not come, and you do not receive the report. Find time that you could make all correctly and not hurrying up because it is a basis of your business.

PLEASE ATTENTION: If advice(council) how to start(begin) to undertake, register the trading name is necessary for you to learn to pay taxes, contact to a department of business. Your results depend only on you, from your work. This letter does not guarantee any incomes and any results, but all sums and the results specified in this document - the FACT.


That I can tell all from myself is that I have already earned 13.000 $ for 14 days!!! It is incredible, but my wife has already bought to itself a fine fur coat!!! She is very pleased also I too.