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Fw: 1. Worldwide Slave Trade ever raging - now through our "ultracivilized" Corporate Euro-"American" "Democracy's" literate and healthcare insanity!: "Highest" "Education" for Inhuman Exploitation!

From: Octavio Saenz, M.D. <zneastco@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 08:27:40 -0600
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From: Octavio Saenz, M.D. 
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Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 7:35 AM
Subject: 1. Worldwide Slave Trade ever raging - now through our "ultracivilized" Corporate Euro-"American" "Democracy's" literate and healthcare insanity!: "Highest" "Education" for Inhuman Exploitation!


Please visit my world-website (http://home.att.net/~zneastco) for an unrivaled Truly Hopeful and Truly Honest New Euro-American Century, for a Truly Religious-Democratic World's Progress; that is, for, finally, a Truly Equal (Individually Human and Personal) Opportunity to reach Our Creator's Infinite Mercy - inspired on reading His Bible. This Supreme and Inviolable Objective - True Democracy - still, at present, remains ever so sanctimoniously desecrated and impossible in our religionistically exploitational and discriminatory Corporate Euro-"America": so ever most reactionary-self-righteous but clearly without Almighty God's True Democracy: ever so filthy-greedy wealthier yet without His Most Merciful as Inalienable Universal Functional (Loving) Literacy and without His Most Merciful as Unassailable Universal Healthcare (Sanity) Insurance.

Long-Live your Most Truly Religious-Patriotic Organization and Education!


Inasmuch as the "ultramarvelous" Y2K technology of our whole Euro-American media remains quite so commercially meretricious - and so totally misleading us - all of our World's "Exemplary" "Democracy" shall persist clearly and fastly decaying, through crime and Family deterioration. Because our bleak reality is indeed that such our most "ultrawonderful" media forever only brainwashes all of us to believe that our Euro-"American" Pseudo-Democracy is ever "superior" to our Almighty God's True Democracy: "superior" to our God-given Truly Equal (Individually Human and Personal) Opportunity to reach Him Our Creator only through His Universal Functional (Loving) Literacy and only through His Universal Healthcare (Sanity) Insurance.

Without Universal Functional (Loving) Literacy and/or without Universal Healthcare (Sanity) Insurance there can not ever possibly exist True Equal Human Opportunity - much less God's True Democracy!

Only Freely and firmly voting for, and courageously enacting, That Sacrosanct Supreme and Constitutional Law of True Democracy, which totally criminalizes our  totally malignant (crime-generating) ratio of enslaving Personal functional illiteracy and of enslaving Personal healthcare bankruptcy, can save our most sleekly satanic Euro-"American" Exploitational Corporative Empire. We all "Americans" must radically change - now! - out of our  God-given Love for His Humanity, never any more through our "perfectly" and even pietistically camouflaged evil "love", like in Communist or Socialist Totalitarian Pseudo-Democracies.

We desperately need A New and True Declaration of American Independence - for our only Salvation!

Where are the voices of our World's Top Master Religious Leaders? Aren't they the utmost politico-religionist  Pharisaic Sanhedrin of the present?

For God's sake - in True Freedom not even His Almighty Power can save us when we so money-piggish flatly refuse to Love Him and be grateful to Him!



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