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A gift. An anthology of wisdom and some historical horrors.

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To the charitable foundation.
If you find these  350 pages effective 
in saving souls, would you send this 
E-mail   to many  on a non profit basis?

The Wings of Man
This is an anthology of universal facts and
thoughts from the heinous and necrosis hell
to the sublimity and rapture of heaven
Burrowing. Undermining society.
Atomic spies. Russian A. Bomb.
A. Einstein. German A. Bomb.
A. E. Thoughts on war and the A.Bomb.
James Bacque. Eisenhower's death camps.
Allies killed war prisoners.
Former guard  recalls POW camps.
From there no prisoner returned.
Enemy treatment.
Nightmare revisited.
How Roosevelt let Soviet spies off hook.
FDR's destructive legacy.
A. Bomb wasn't needed to defeat Japan.
US spied on second world war allies.
When Stalin murdered some 60 million.
Atheist's holocausts. Dozens of holocausts.
Dismissing communist crimes.
VE Day. Winning the war and losing the peace.
Churchill. Ideas and historical skeletons.
JFK was hit from the front. Doctor.
The dissolution of Canadian churches.
Judges forbid. Forbidding  the Lord's prayer.
The Gospel according to Marx.
Was Karl Marx a Satanist?
The Hidden Freud.
Minister allows in crooks.
Those great academics.
Can Israel survive it's new historians?
A rabbi defends Christians.
Lord  Jakobovits. Re: Palestinians.
Evolution. A paradox.
Smooth see. TV.
Female teens. Violent crimes.
Two-parent families are growing scarcer.
What matters most. Deplorable statistics..
Memories. Seen, heard, read.
Soaring. The positive side

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